October 9th, 2017, 10:10 am

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Sorry for the long wait! Here is the next page of Eevee Academy! lol. That's Max's Twin, Molly.
Pinkeevee222, October 9th, 2017, 10:10 am Reply
Advertisement, June 19th, 2018, 3:13 pm Reply

YAY! I'm Glad-ion its back! :D

OMG Molly is sooo kawaii!!! <3
@Skylar101: Omg hi skylar, if you read the comments then you should know me...
@Skylar101: dang dude is that a pun to do eevee th Sun and Moon Gladion?
WHY?! @Skylar101: HAU could you! JK!
Welp yays it's back! :D
Mac looks grumpy, lmao
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: OMG I LOVE ABSOL!!!!!!!
I like /\
w sorry about the "heart"
Nice.. @Pinkeevee222: I can't wait to see what happens next! :3
YAS!! nice cover btw
Did Max get enough sleep or was Molly snoring to loudly?I wounded what R.J. will do to Max when Max gets to school.
AWWWWWWW @Pinkeevee222: awwww they're sooo cute (not together I'm not shipping them I know they're brother and sister)
Welp.. it's looks like Max didn't get enough sleep.. I think Molly wants to question him, but isn't bothered..

They're both adorable tho :3
As everyone wonders why This page currently has more comments than SSEC
R.J question Does R.J have a crush on eve,is that why he didn’t fight when he saw eve,stays in class during free time with eve and covered his face when he looked(while blushing slightly) at her?(not saying it’s true ,but I just have a feeling about it)
Eve is ulgly on this but on stupid short eevee comics she cute
@eevee girl: lol no , eve is cute everywhere :P
Eve is not ugly! @eevee girl: so what if she wears glasses? They may be big but they are adorable!
@eevee girl: *Gasps in offence *
@eevee girl: Hey that like saying when she needed to get glasses to see better you call her 4 eyes! Let eve read and write better
How come Eve has glasses? I like it, but it's kinda odd.
@Pinkeevee222: Max is so sleepy because of RJ woah that's weird brother and cousin name is RJ (bro) Max (cousin) RJ isn't the real name for my brother though
* runs in circle on floor* YASSSSSSSSS
YAY Hoi it s sad that he due did not getenogh sleep and YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
The web page looks lovely
plz update
the one with the ribbon is so cute :3
@eeveelope : I think your talking bout Molly
No one's gonna get sleep today~
@Pinkeevee222: When will you update this again?
I can't wait for the next comic
@Silvertheumbreon: Me too
I can't wait for the next comic
When does pinkeevee upload new comics?Because I seriously don’t know.
Oh wait a second that reminds me I have to update mine XD.
@Flareon1: Hey what is your update bout? So you have a comic ?
@Guest: yeah i have a comic. It's not really much its just about a character named bre and her school life. I've only got about five pages that are actually about the comic and one is a sorry note for not updating XD
@Guest: I just realized i commented to you 10 minutes after you commented to me
@Flareon1: what's the title (Lol so late XD)
@Guest: well that one is deleted now and nw i have two of my own which is A Glareon named Heather and the other one is called My Art Stash
Umm, im not trying to be rude but pinkeevee, it already have been awhile sense the last one came out. i know you may be busy but can you tell us why its taking so long?
And i've just saw this comics last year and i have fallen in love with it. Good job!( i don't have an account so i can't like) :( sry
@sparkle Eevee: me neither. :C
Max is like "I hate my life" and molly is like "What's wrong"
When did this come out when is is going to be updated
coincidence Just saying, Sora and I have same last names.
I'm not mad or anything but, why has it been so long? I'm sorry if that sounded rude plz don't hate me TT- TT
@:3: he has a point
U know tina @Kratos: do you know stupid short comic?
@Hi kratos! It’s kratos lover : duh why wouldn't I
when is the next comic?
Max's face describes me at school
Continuing I have a question when are you gonna continue the story I know it takes a while to do the art but when?
yas continue story i have too much of ssec
when? it's been a while since you uploaded a eevee academy comic, when is the next one? also btw great comic series.
@Pinkeevee222: when r u going 2 update?
wow im in love with all your comics!!!
DAMIT why wont it load!?
@derp man: it might be on my end though
@derp man: welp i guess i'll go to sleep eaarly tonight. □ Whoa a sqaure!
posting when are u gonna post another one?
Okay tbh this is taking way too long. Ik comics are hard and all but can't you be faster?
@FloofyFur: you are aware she works on other projects with higher priorities right?
@FloofyFur: I lazy
why eevee academy not update anymore?
@Guest: lazy
Lazy Mari is lazy Mari. She is lazy.
o-o whens a new page gonna come out for this and the stuff with me and my brother dusk O-O
@Pinkeevee222 pls make onother one!
It's been a while since you've made this comic. it's already another year... Can you plz make another one?
guest clon- i mean guest army. Has the guest army goten here yet? No? Ok.
Any plans for this pinkeevee?
Hiya peeps
When is the next page?
its taking forever cmon make a new page plz
@Pinkeevee222: SO far i like sora the best but i wonder wjant if molly could be my favorite too.
@Pinkeevee222:I’ll give ya ten dollars is you start uploading the comics.
Hi! I was just wondering if this is still a project. It's been quite a while.. I love your work btw! I don't want to rush you, I know you have things to deal with IRL. Just thought I should ask ^^
Please don’t get offended Every day, I anxiously look at the home page of this, Hoping that a new page will come out. I do not blame you in any way,though. I am just expressing my love for this

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