February 1st, 2016, 4:42 pm

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As I said before, all eevee characters will be introduced there are 7 students in all (I might add an 8th later on, If I can remember another eeveelution series I did)


ARE YOU HAPPY NOW! I UPDATED THIS! YAY! (Actually, this series takes less time to draw than SSEC, so. I should actually update this more frequently... oh well!)
Pinkeevee222, February 1st, 2016, 4:47 pm Reply
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Yay Yay
Finally I was so bored waiting for you to update and everyone's been saying you update once a mont but in the home it says when eva you feel like so feel like updating more often plz. Also isn't four square called hand ball as well. Nya.
I wanna see a love triangle between a rock, window, and max. Im sorry
I'm surprised this takes less time, it honestly looks a lot more polished then SSE
@Linkziken: That is because SSEC sacrifices quality in favor of quantity.
@Pinkeevee222: I would say the less polished style works for the crazy antics of the eevees in SSEC.
:3 this comic and ssec gave me inspiration for my comics. keep it up pinkeevee ;3
I think the eevee with the green text is suppose to embody the reader, cause that was my thought while reading this.
I like the blue collar and pink bow eevee

Is that Eve in box 4? It looks like her
Magicaly appearing bell, someone's eventually gona mention something about confirming and triangles.
Dratini: Loomynaty Cunfurmed!
Luxio: That's not how you spell it!
Dratini: Too bad. And besides, someone kept on AirDropping an image saying that at school all day!
Luxio: That doesn't mean...you know what? Go ahead.
Goomy: *lol I sent it*
I've been reading this on DA and just noticed it's on here too, lol.
I think one of them put the bell there so they could be quiet.
I'm that headphones eevee. I used to be like her.
And who's "Ero" from the board?
Oh, never mind

And I see this is elemtary school, how ever u spell it. I'm a 3rd grader who writes comics on highschoolers, and your probably about 17 or something writing comics about elemtary school
Are you going to have certain dates when you are going to post a new comic?
@Guest: Yeah, the first of every month is certain to get an update.
Dratini: Such realistic flooring! It's amazing!
Luxio: I can't tell if it's 3D or 2D...it hurts my head...
Goomy: The story's good and that's all that matters.
Dratini: And focus on the Eevees and it hurts less. That, and force your brain to think it's two-dimensional.
Why are the two Eevees staying? Hmmmm...one's always in trouble and one's a social outcast...right?
@I am me.: Right!
And...I bet you're trying to surprise us and the Eve-like eevee will be the troublemaker.
@I am me.: Nope
Meep:Meep wants to go to school!!

Darkstripe:Meep I can't just throw you into pinkeevee's fictional world

Meep: But Master Darkstripe did that to himself.

Darkstripe:Yeah,but I had to! I couldn't let Sasuke leave the leaf village!
Doko!!! Doko!!! Sakura, do you know where Doko is?
Sakura: No.
Doko: were you calling me, Master Evana?
Yes. Yes I was. I need you to come with me.
Doko: Where to?
Don't ask questions, just follow me.
when is the next on coming out!

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