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... I need to do my homework...
Name| Occupation| Series

Eve| Elementary schooler| Stupid Short Eevee Comic (comic, ongoing)

R.J| Elementary Schooler/ ???| Not part of any series
@Pinkeevee222: Hey Pinkeevee can you make the characters in SSEC aper in Eevee Academy? PLESE!!
@Zappy the Raichu: Aren't Dean and Eve enough?
@Pinkeevee222: Ok. I just wanted to Dusk or some other eeveelution in this comic
Ya i want dusk @Zappy the Raichu: Yup dusk is the one i really want here.
Eve @Pinkeevee222: what's with the glasses eve?
... @Pinkeevee222: i need to speak with you. i have a feeling that Eve and Jackson want to be umbreons. WAIT A SECOND!!! Eve is from your comics but JACKSON however, is part of a comic series called The Eevees. Are you able to bring eevees in from other comic dementions??? *puts this down* I need to study The Eevees more.
... @EvanatheEspeon: smarty pants.
-_- @MoontheUmbreon: I am NOT a SMARTY PANTS!!! i am merely figuring somthing out. stunfisk.
shut up @EvanatheEspeon: Stunfisk? is THAT the best insult you have? You're even more of an espenerd than you look.
to evanatheespeon and moontheumbreon Guys Guys can you quit fighting online?
@EvanatheEspeon: ladys, ladys, ladys, your bolth ugly.😁
@MoontheUmbreon: first of all, nerds are awesome, second of all, theres no second of all, third of all, espenerd is a even worse insult than stunfisk.
Those two are my sibblings @Sylve the sylveon: Just ignore them. that's what i do.
@OrcatheVaporeon: okay then.im sylve.
@EvanatheEspeon: Hi! This Jackson and that Jackson are not the same Jackson. Actually, the only one who calls him Jackson is the teacher, Mr. Dean. Everybody else calls him RJ. So, you can stop fighting with yourself.
@Pinkeevee222: I love this comic and i will try to stop fighting with moon.She started it though.
@Pinkeevee222: Eve has glasses?! Wtf?!
@Nashew: You say that as if that's not a title to bear with pride. C'mon, man!
@bluefiredragon: NERD HERD IN THE HOUSE
Truth @bluefiredragon: this is true, I consider myself a star wars nerd as well as a pkmn nerd. Nerd is normally used to represent school enthusiast, but nerd and geek are basically synonyms, and mean enthusiast (basically). I could honestly make a 20+ minutes video talking about SSEC characters that I think are key to plot. (Sora, Vay, Daisy/agent Lea, Blizz, Flame, Dusk, Bolt, Night, Sky, Negotiation, Eve, Oliver, Dusk's mother, Negotiation's mother.) If that's not nerdy than what is?
@Nashew: What wrong with that? and i wouldn't call R.J a nerd
Whisper: well, that must be Eve from SSEC.
Jibanyan: Also, nice glasses, Eve!
Komasan: Why wouldn't they wanna go outside?
@Yo Kai and Friends: yo kai freak. Should i get an account? Huh? Huh?
Y eve wear glasses?
@AnultemetJolteon: Maybe they're reading glasses?
aww... dont do that to the loners; now they have to watch as other kids don't play with them :(
@Marcos: Don't worry happens all the time to me. My life is so sad. Nya.
@Devin17: same too, im usually walking around watching other kids playing and talking to eachother
max is a true cool guy x3
PLUS Eve is cute with glasses ;3
I CALLED IT! I KNEW IT WAS EVE, but why does she have glasses?
@littleabsol: Maybe she's far or near sided, it's pretty common in some schools for people to have glasses for those reasons. Even I need them to see the board.
@BurstDewott: Thanks!
I'm alot like Jackson I just stay inside most of the time and have bags under my eyes. Nya.
So far, I have seen my two sides in this, my happy side was the headphones Eevee ((I bring headphones almost everywhere and wear them on my neck for no reason)) and my bad side is Jackson it seems, especially when it's 90* outside, summer heat...
My fav character so far though is Jackson.
@TheSlitherynEeveeAnimangus: same here. Also cool profile pic. Nya.
@Devin17: Thanks
I wonder... Is this what eevee's do in the meantime... Or a different time line? Hmmmmm??????
Jetwing:What is it?
Darkstripe:I thought I was the only one who can crossover dimensions...
Jetwing:You don't mean..
Darkstripe:Out of the whole series,Eve finally impressed me!
Is that Eve the Eve from ssec or is it a different Eve Vay did say there are a lot of Eevee in the PC named Eve
@Zappy the Raichu: He said that there are a lot of eevees named Eve in general, not in the pc.
@Pinkeevee222: so that's the same eve?
Albany: Remember when we went to Elementary School? It was kinda like this.
Light: ...I only remember numbers...and kinds of bagels...
Silva: Why bagels? Only thing I can remember is crazy teachers screaming at us not to jump in mud puddles.

Talk to the mudeon, Silva!
Light: Approximately 70% of my diet then consisted of bagels.
Albany: Did you say "mud puddles"?
Light: We don't get a lot of rain in our area.
@5Albany-Light5: ((last line)) same here
How long does it take you to make these?
Learning good! Fire bad! lol X3
I want my OCs to be in preschool now
That would be-
D: Absolutely unnecessary, no, nuh uh, not happening.
Wait.... Why are Eve and RJ walking on all fours in last pannel?
@42Meep: Because, eevees usually walk on all fours. SSEC is my only series with eevees in it where they DON'T walk on all fours.
What does RJ's name stand for. Rick Jackson. Ronald Jackson. Rab Jackson. Ralf Jackson. What Does It Stand For!!!!!
@Zappy the Raichu: Actually, it's more... 18+
His father gave him the most indecent first name he could think of.
I think I found a hidden reference in panel 3...
EVE!!! That's the main character of my hand-written comic at home!!! Tale of an Eevee! That's so funny!
:| Eve with glasses... Hmmm... Interesting...
Profile @LlamaOver9000Lord: your profile picture is that INsaNITY umbreon and I like killing him
Oh! @.N.C.the mlg eevee : It's on!
@.N.C.the mlg eevee : what do you mean? I kinda have the same personality, KINDA...
@LlamaOver9000Lord: I know where you got your avatar.
(Do not watch this video if you do not like blood, (that goes for every one who reads this comment))

I get them, I don't like people, some are ok like you guys but still.
Okay, Doko! here we are!
Doko: WOW!!! what IS this place?
The cavern of secrets,Doko. This is where you evolve.
Doko: r-really?
Yes, really.
Doko: Cool!!! Is this where you evolved?
Heck no! This is just where eevees like you are supposed to evolve. Now, CHOSE YOUR EVOLUTION!!!
#R.J I really like R.J
Blizz: Where in the PC is EVE??!!
Jolteon Troll: Hehehe wait till he finds out Jolteon sent her to school.
Jolteon Wimp: Well, sh- she could be enjoying hers...
Bang (Troll uses Ultimate Punch)
Jolteon: Shut up you two!
Blizz: Did you just tell me to shut up
Jolteon: N-no...
Blizz: WHERE IS EVE!!!!!!!!!??????????
Hey Eve buddy ole pal!
I like RJ

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