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You know, even though it isn't odd for you guys, for me, it is weird that all of these eevees from my different series are interacting with each other. I'm uploading this early cause eevee academy on Smack jeeves just reached 100 fans! Yay!
Yes, I know, I have a lot of characters named Sora. But, this eevee is the FIRST Sora. The other 2 are fakes. Especially SSEC Sora.
I know it doesn't matter much, but, I feel really sad when I get 4.00 ratings for this series, because I work so hard on it. Oh well. I guess it's my fault for not bothering to fix the rating button thingy.
(Why do I always forget that Sora is always blushing?)
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D.J.| Elementary schooler| Eevee Island (from several Lost Word Pad storys)
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so we are learning about eevee's body movements by playing children's games? seems fair
also: http://fav.me/d7ezykn
is anybody gonna watch Finding Dory? if so, tell me.

I like baglz
You play play four-square with two people, it's just really hard.
@Nashew: no, you jest have two squares per person and play "two rectangle"
@42Meep: I've actually played that. I kept losing, tho.
Ahh,Kindergarden... I had some great times there...
--Flashback-- 2007
*young Darkastripe/Enderman tearing a few kids limbs off,in a fit of rage*
Teacher:What did you do?*ask one boy*
Boy:All I did was pour water onto him...
*scene freezes*
Random voice:And that moment that boy knew..........he muked up.
@Darkstripe AF: Havent played minecraft in a Loooong time!i actually forgot enderman got hurt by water.Oh yeah!Brian!Get over here and shoot him with water!dont worry i have a forcefield that will never break!
@Pinkeevee222: oh, for a second I thought that Sora was the same one from SSEC.
@jellybeanier: IKR!! Lol
@jellybeanier: My thought was this is hapening pre ssec, but then the eve therory is a bust. (Eve therory is my neme for my therory that eve is the egg sora is trying to retreeve in the meanwhile strips. Then again the time corilation between the two is sofar unknown so.....)
@42Meep: This comic is actually happening in an alternate Universe (If it wasn't, Max and Sam would be way more older than they are here)
@Pinkeevee222: OH. So like the difference between marvil comic universe and marvil movie universe, same character, different plot. Got it.
Jelly: ah, I loved kindergarten.

Era: The first year a creeper blew me up.

PDK1: The year I got water poured on me and almost died.

Disgusting: The year someone tried to hack me.

Shasha: The year I had pimples.

Batte: The year I almost burned to death after some Blaze Rods got into school.

Mr. DBG: The year I choked on a donut because my sweet tooth wasn't in yet.
Eevee?! Sooo many eevee's!!!! *dies* their all so cute!!!
I like D.J.'s design, and Sora's
O_O I got lost in the confusing plot from SSEC and trying to understand it is like reading a book about Quantum Physics with all the words spelt backwards.

How do you really keep track of all the characters you've have created? They're literally just the same fluffy cute balls of fur, just coloured differently.
@Huaqas: I know right? I think I read SSEC maybe 6 times before I understood anything. Only then I noticed the alt text...

Also, I assume a list?
Mind is DED , not big suprise 2fake soras *heart attack* why me this is more confusing than finding out where red really is
How old are these eevees?
@Black lucky cat: Propel 6.
Komasan: I loved that game, four square..
Whisper: Kinda makes me want to play
Jibanyan: then why don't we?
Whisper: because there are only three of us
Komasan: I'll go get my little brother! (Runs off)
@Yo Kai and Friends: Yeah, you're a big yo kai fan aren't you?
(Cues Drum Roll)
Komasan: Alright, this is my little brother, Komajiro!
Komajiro: Hey, guys!
Whipser: So, what are we waiting for?
Dratini (Over Skype): Remember kindergarten?
Goomy: It was only four years ago.
Luxio: No, nor do I want to.
I'm in
How do we play
D: what the-*Mangled by Eevees*
Could you post the little book of eevee anatomy? And also D.J's design is sweet.
Wait, isn't Sora supposed to be in the eevee lab, or was the Sora a fake?
@Guest: This sora isn't that Sora. They just have the same name.
Suggestion Could you make a character tab for the main eevee's of Eevee acadamy? Also, what is the main difference between the SSEC universe and the Eevee acadamy universes? Is Harmony good? Where are the SSEC main mons? Was night never created? SO MANY QUESTIONS WE NEED ANOTHER ASKBLOG!!!!
@42Meep: And where the heck is Olivers scarf?
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Oliver has not appeared yet. He's probably in the middle/high school section, with Dawn.
@42Meep: I am in the process of making bios for all of the eevee academy main characters. The main difference between ssec and eevee academy is that SSEC is taken place in the PC, while eevee acadamy is taken place in an alternate world, in a town filled with eevees/eeveelutions, I guess. I haven't thought about it much, cause I'm too busy with SSEC stuff. The main SSEC mons are scattered in elementary, middle and high school.
An eevee academy askblog is in the works, but, it probably isn't happening until Mid-May (Or at all, depending on how mad I get if this comment section turns into SSEC's comment section. Also, it takes time and effort to do these type of things, if you didn't know, cause, it seems like you don't, by how much content you want me to make)
@Pinkeevee222: I understand, I also understand that in a new series like this that is losely based on another story, many questions will pop up, and the infrastructure of SSEC is realy cool and I feel we all would like eevee academy to be on par with how cool SSEC is. Who agrees whith this statement that we want this to be on par with SSEC?
@42Meep: That's the thing, there is no story to this (which is why I'm planning on making an ask blog. with story) and, it isn't loosely based on SSEC, it just uses some characters from it, along with characters from several other already established stories.
It will most likely not be 'on par' with SSEC, because it doesn't focus on the characters, rather, it focuses on teaching people about eevee biology. The introduction (the chapter we are on now) is just introducing the characters, Which, now that I think about it, is sort of meaningless, since there will be no plot at all involved, just snip bits. Reading thic comic with high expectations from SSEC will make you swiftly disappointed. (Though, I have no idea why people like SSEC in the first place)
Well @Pinkeevee222:

Well i think people like SSEC because they find it Amazingly fascinating, they also find it funny, and i'm sure that they also enjoy the secrets in SSEC, and they love the characters.
I'm pretty sure this updates every 31 or month or whatever so pretty soon!
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: "Updates when I feel like it." Eevee academy home page.
O.k next person to say som thing random I will explode the can of beans again! He he long story, short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83kVmUYL1s0
@Crazyumbreondudegirl : and the flying cheese got cut. Eww. Who cut the cheese? :O
When will the May one come out?
@MaskedUmbreon: When I stop being lazy and finish it.
The dude behind Sam is blushing, looking directly at Sam. Oye, is Sam a boy or girl? *looks at eyes*
Crazyumbreondudegirl: mmmm... Sam smexy..
Girl: I thought you liked eve. And we don't know if Sam is boy or girl, and DJ, so might be gay
Crazyumbreondudegirl: Hohhot.. Lemme count Oliver, eve, DJ, Sam, Dev....
Girl: *rubs head* yo giv. Me headache
@Crazyumbreondudegirl : Sam's a girl.
I see @Zappy the Raichu:

I have noticed that now well that D.J is female.
@Crazyumbreondudegirl : And DJ is also a girl.
@Zappy the Raichu: Finally! Someone who knows that DJ is a girl!
I applaud you. *claps*
@Pinkeevee222: I look at the character templet. Also everyone if you look REALLY close at Eve's glasses in her ID card in the character templet. you will see.
@Zappy the Raichu: What? I dont see anything
@GryffindorBuckle: Look harder.
@Zappy the Raichu: All I see are her eyes
@GryffindorBuckle: Are They The Same As The Other Eevees?!
@Zappy the Raichu: Ohh Yeh! I didn't notice that! Is is supposed to be like that? ._. Well it must be.
@Zappy the Raichu:
SFXUmbreon:Wiz!come look at the eevees!!!
Wiz:(wakes up) what?
Wiz:Eevees!(dashes to see them)
@huaqas Hey, reading a quantum physics backwards isn't that hard, at least, it's easier than trying to understand ssec
@Pinkeevee222 Is Eevee Academy related to SSEC
Sam sort of looks like the Harmony in ssec
??? Just a question, is Sam a girl or a boy? He/She has a boy name, but they have a very feminine look...
Well, Doko?
Doko: I...don't know.
Oh, Doko,that's alright!
Sakura: Hey.
Yak! Sakura!
Sakura: Hey, what's that stone? *Reaches to touch it*
Sakura: *Stops an inch away from touching the moonstone*
You aren't ready to evolve yet. Now go back home.
Sakura: Okay, Okay, sheesh. *Trips and brushes stone by accident* Ahhh!
Sakura: *glowing*
Even though Sakura acts like she's 10, she's really only four years old. my eevees evolve when they are five years old, and, (this is something you never would have guessed) Doko is older than Sakura. Doko is 5 years old.
Dude it's dean eve sora and zein from stupid short eevee comics lol
Already knew that DJ was a girl.

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