June 14th, 2016, 11:17 pm

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I haven't uploaded this comic in a while, because I didn't want to draw the background. When I finally drew it, it it only took me a few hours. Wait a minute.... I FORGOT SORA'S BLUSH AGAIN! NOOOOOO!!!! ---
Name| Occupation| Series
Sora (The first)| Elementary Schooler| Imagination Eevee (Never written, or drawn, but, was the base for a few characters in SSEC)
Zeon| Elementry Schooler| Zeon's quest (fan-fiction. Hiatus. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8565434/2/Zeon-s-quest-An-eevee-s-adventure )
Why do I have 3 character's named Sora? Well. I chose this name for Sora the first randomly, even though the rest of the eeveelutions in his series didn't have names yet... that is going to change when eevee academy actually gets a real comic with plot. The second Sora (Tanuki legacy) was named Sora because Sora mean's Sky in Japanese. And, that is also the reason the eevee from the ssec comics was named Sora... even though I desperately looked for another good name, I couldn't find one TT_TT
EDIT: Oh! Speaking of eevees with the same name, Kile is a name I use for any male side character I have that I have no idea what to name... I accedently even named 2 SSEC eevees Kile... Hee hee. Oh. But this Kile is from the Eevee Island series, with DJ.
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Oh right! All of the classmates have been introduced! Character Page has been updated!
Pinkeevee222, June 15th, 2016, 9:49 am Reply

Horay! Finally updated!*chibi dances*
thank you!!!!!!! I've been begging for ages!


I likez bglze
@crazyumbreondudegirl: no... lol.
I gotz Xbox one.
First. I'm guessing that Eevee island is a story you made in your head for fun.
@Zappy the Raichu: do you HAVE A PS4???!!!???
@Pinkeevee222: I've been so board and now you've finally updated and Imma happy. Nya.
COINCIDENCES!!! I haven't updated for a while... I just recently put some comics up. See, what happened was that Chogger, the website I use to make comics, wasn't working for a while. I found something called Vector Paint a week ago, but then I went for a visit in Boston.

I just recently updated, and now,a few days later, you updated this series! That is sort of a coincidence, because we both haven't updated in a while. (at least 3 months)

EDIT: Wait, why is Sora's fur glowing?
@jellybeanier: what is the link?


1. ummmm... I don't really know how to post links, and I am not really sure what it is.

2. No, I have the first 2 playstations and the playstation portable, though.
No PS4.
If you say PS3, I stop commenting.
Never say those words. Neeeever.
Sam: PS3.


Shadow: Dude, are you serious?!?!
*sabrina voice* Oh, congrats on having a PS3. I hope one kid in your state has one too, or you'll be alone! Xbox 1 forever!
@I am me.: Oh, I didn't mean to say I have one. The most recent console my family has is a WII. We can't afford to get the newest consoles. No Xbox, no new playstations, no WIIU.
@crazyumbreondudegirl: you reminded us enough and i got a ps3 and a xbox 360 though
Wait. How many Soras are female?
@SylviaSylveon189: One out of three are female.
that poor eevee ;~; I wish I could help. dang 4th wall is beyond my breaking abilities now
YAYY! Finally updated! =D All the eevees look SO cute!
does anybody have an idea of wat I can do? I stay home summer and what grade are you people's in?
@crazyumbreondudegirl: I'm in fourth grade, going on fifth this year! And about what you can do...you could get an account and create some comic sites? Or you could just stay a guest? I'm not full of ideas like usual because I just got my tonsils out and I'm at the stage where you start to have CRUCIAL pain in your throat, ears, and head. ANYway, I'll try and think up more ideas later. Bye! :3
@BowtheSylveon: thanks! umm... sad 2 hear that, hope you feel better! I'm in 3erd grade, goin' on fourth this year!
*gives hug*
I dunno how it feels, but I'm positive you'll get better soon!
bye! ( ;
@Pinkeevee222: Yay you updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are awesome Pinkeevee!!!!!!!!!!! I love Eevee Academy!!!!!!!
Whoooooooooohooooooooooo updates!
Hehe, and since there's no plot, that means no plot guessing...headcanons are being made as you read this!

Hello, I'm new. :3
@NikuComics: Hi! Welcome to eevee academy's comment section! ^^
@Pinkeevee222: do you have a PS4?
I want to see what you look like in real life.
@crazyumbreondudegirl: Sorry, I do not have a PS4, and, you'll probably never see how I look like in real life.
@Pinkeevee222: Finally a new eevee academy comic YESSSSSSSS!!!!!
All the eevees have full names. Great. I like the idea, but that really isn't needed and makes them seem a little to much like humans to me. But Eve's middle name is a nod to the recent confirmation that Sora is her mother in SSEC.
YAY!!!! You should post these more often...

Will you update more often ;(
Something tells me he might actually want to. Just a guess.
Hey, these comics are great, but I was wondering when these are regularly posted? Or are they like on hiatus or something?
@SharpedoTostitos: These comics are posted randomly. Usually, on the first of the month, but, if that doesn't happen, it has a chance of being posted at on the fifteenth of the month.
Are we going to learn more about R.J and Eve and why they dont like going to recces?
@Black lucky cat: Nope. Or, At least, not in this comic.
@Pinkeevee222: ok :(
@Muddy Mudkip: Hi!
@Muddy Mudkip: Hey
Also isn't Sora a girls name, no offense Pink but to me it sounds like calling a girl Stewart. Again not trying to start anything, just stating my opinion...
@rave917: So? People can name kids whatever they want, its awful but true. Characters are the same
@rave917: Sora is actually a Unisex name. So, it can go both ways... You should really do research before making comments like that. Just saying.
@rave917: agreed plus sora is a kingdom hearts character
Just saying @UMBREONS DA AWESOME: I play kingdom hearts
everyone stop before this gets out of hand, my comment wasnt meant to soud hostile but to sound playful... Yes I did research before I commented and I was already sure it was a unisex name, I just had stated it sounds like a more feminine name. Normally a girls name ends in "a" "y" "th" "ll" ect. You get where I'm going... Anyways I'm sorry if this offended any of you, again this was never meant to be offensive I dont comment much as it is...
i forgive you @rave917: its all ok
@Pinkeevee222: you need to update zeons quest again because I reeeeeeaaaaaaalllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy wanna know what happens... ps, Dustin is a great character, so mysterious...
@ShinyUmbreonNamedHiss: I know right! I love Dustin so much that he will be appearing in Eevee academy! I'll update Zeon's quest when I feel like writing it again, which, is not now.
@Pinkeevee222: will there be a bully in the story?
@sylveon: Well. I am debating on adding more SSEC eevee characters to the story. If I do, yes, there would be several bullies. As of now, there are no bullies.
@Pinkeevee222: well, I hope you do, having a couple bullies in my opinion would make the comic eevees interactions a bit more "interesting" especially if they picked on Eve the most because she has glasses.
Who is R***** Jackson Smith? What does R***** suppose to be?
@Hsowa: That's classified.
@Pinkeevee222: ah Zeon I remember him. Didn't realize until now that you wrote that story too
Sakura: I-I'm an umbreon!
SAKURA!!! You have broken very sacred evolution rules.
Sakura: hey, it was an accident alright? I tripped and accidentaly touched the moonstone.
Fine. Go home now.
Sakura: *leaves*
Doko: Yes?
What do you want to be?
Doko: A jolteon!!!
Okay, then. Touch the thunderstone.
Doko *brushes stone with paw*
Doko: *glowing*
Doko: I'm a JOlTEON!!! yay!!!
Let's go home now Doko
Doko: Yes Master Evana!
Sora I remember sora from your other comic

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