August 1st, 2016, 1:44 pm

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Eve is very shy .
I can't wait until the introduction is done- no more drawing complex backgrounds! Mwah ha ha!
Also, I should fix the rate comic button, and the post comment button...... hee hee hee BUTTon.
Pinkeevee222, August 1st, 2016, 1:44 pm Reply
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Awwwww Eve is so cute :3


Always check pokeart collective

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So I guess that's a "no"?
Eve looks so scared ;~;
yes!! *cries* years and years of waiting!!!

*somebody plays "worth it"*
EVE YOU NEED TO BUILD UP YOU'RE COURAGE!!! also don't hate me but for some dumb reason I ship eevee academy Eve and ******* together...
Eevee acadamy eve is nothing like ssec eve. I don't know if I like this or not. Also, I can't tell, can all the mons stand up? Or only on all fours in this. I can't tell if different physics, or just all pull a "Vay"
@42Meep : she can change the personality of characters if she wants too. right?
@Pinkeevee222:y eve has glASSes
@Gage4008 thestupidshorteeveecomi: It's not the same Eve from SSEC it's a new Eve that seems to be shy and not as outgoing as SSEC Eve.
oh... @CookieEEVEE: thx for clearing that out, I thought she was from *voice lowers* SSEC.......

*sheds tear*
Three days have passed since it updated thin a man walked up to the comic, AND HE SAID "no I missed it, why?" Now he's dead, or me wich ever sounds more dramatic.
This comic is good but it should have a guest appearance by Dusk
I feel sorry for eve I have glasses to and I sometimes get embarrassed in front of my friends I feel her pain *goes in the corner and cries*
Hey pinkeevee how do I pm you?
@Greeneevee222: umm.... You need account
@Cub6 : oops, I didn't sign in.
@cub6: oh my god it's Astro boy! Props to the whole two of you how to that reference.
@X man: sorry, I didn't understand you, what reference?
@cub6: Astro boy is a robot if you want to know more each scroewattack, that pined him and MegaMan in a fight that do a lot of research and explain the characters traits and stuf. Also english not my best subject.
@X man: oh, this pic is allowed by pinkeevee222, drawn by her, its not mine
@cub6: nice, nice it does look like it was drawn in her style. Also autocorrect yaaaaaaaaa.
@X man: I hate autocorrect
Is they a 10th one
Y'know, this kinda looks like the K-8 school I went to, except it's not covered in snow, tears, and the shoes everyone somehow lost.
i relly like your comic
@FriskyVulpix: OMG your profile picture is sooo cute and check out stupidshorteeveecomic by pinkeevee222 too!

@FriskyVulpix: Thank you!!!
Eve Reminds me of Alphys from Undertale
Eve kinda reminds me of someone else's Sylveon for some reason
I wanna new comic, gimme.
@cub6: exactly the same buddy.
@cub6: everyone hear won't more cub just got to wait a little longer, hopefully.
Autocorrect relly?! I'm not changing it, it's gonna stay that way.
@X man: ya mean

Everybody here want more. Cub just wait a LITTLE longer.... hopefully.
yes, more plez now.

@cub6: can I give you a internet hug to make things better?
@Sylve the sylveon: yes, *sniff* plez
@cub6: okay, *gives internet hug*
@Sylve the sylveon: *whimper* thanks..........
@cub6: Hey, it's alright. What's wrong anywayz? *Gives internet hug*
@EvanatheEspeon: eevee academy seems like it will never update *starts crying waves of tears* whaaaahhhhh!!!!!
@cub6: Actually. I just finished the next page. So, It's going to update, but, not now.
@Pinkeevee222: it's been two months now, and the livestream said you did it!
@cub6: I know, but, I'm lazy.
(You don't want to mess with laziness, it will take over)
@Pinkeevee222: yes, laziness shall, wait. *runs to check out the new eevee academy*
Hugs for everyone!
@X man: yes.Yes.YEs.YES!!!!!
There should be a shiny eevee name Krystal make her pretty with a blue bow she's super nice and kind and always brave and help others she really strong to and make her a very good singer with good dancing skills this eevee will evolve to a silver Glaceon plz make this character ito will mean my wish had come true
@Icynight: Um, sorry, but, I do not accept shiny Eevee characters.
first when is the next part coming out and 2 i was thinking about this litte eevee that would be called naomi she would hang out with eve and she wears a baby blue bow like eve's
@Guest: this stupid thing does't regester emogi's! ( yes, I just comented on my slelf)
i know right i tried a few days ago
I dunno, I just wanted to comment
:l At first to eve I was like :) but now I'm like T_T

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