October 8th, 2016, 4:06 pm

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Are you guys happy now? The only reason why this is done is because it gave me a reason to stay in an all you can eat restaurant until I got hungry again.
Pinkeevee222, October 8th, 2016, 4:06 pm Reply
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Rj is so cute Lol sand empire
"I am the sand guardian, guardian of the sand!"
@ClapHappyAlchemist : "**** OFF"
a castle can be a start of an empire ZEON!!!
I love your comics pinkeevee222
@Bowsergiant : Thanks!
:l @Pinkeevee222: T_T like what was the point of that?
@Gage4008 thestupidshorteeveecomi: Saying thanks to people who say that they like your comics is a show of appritiation! Cause, without the readers, I'd probably lose motivation and stop making comics, and move on to make new characters. And, if the creator of a thing you like says 'thanks' after you say you like it, you are more likely to come back to the thing later, or have discussions with the creator! :D
At least that is what I think ^^; but, even without a reason, I'd still thank people because it's nice to do that.
Cuteness ovaload @Pinkeevee222: What's wrong with R.J he's blushing or something then he covers his face also PPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEE UPLOAD THE NEW COMICS ALREADY pppppppppppllllllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeee.
Daaawww, Looks like RJ has a crush!
Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ @Reyna178: ha ha
@Reyna178: I'm hoping Eve likes RJ back. I ship them.
I like to ship them,too! @Sylve the sylveon: RJ was like :*Looks at Eve*"Eve is so smart and very gentle" *thinks again* "Man!How can I confess my feelings to her!?She is such an innocent and wise angel!She is like out of my league!"
@Sylve the sylveon: AGREED!!! Is anyone on the webcomic trashshipping? Cause serious, this needs to happen...
@GalaxyMew13: ship SHIP *chanting*
@GalaxyMew13: I am
@GalaxyMew13: wait, there should be a kawaii chan type eevee who ships everyone.
All aboard! @Sylve the sylveon: All aboard the Eve x RJ ship!Because...we must let this ship sail away!All aboard!!!
@Reyna178: *hops on and makes flag with Eves face on one half and RJ's on the other,with a heart on the back*
Choo Choo @Sylvethesylveon: ALL ABORD THE EVERJ!! THE SHIP MUST SAIL
@Reyna178: Aboard
inb4 it's one lump of sand
I looks like the guy beside Zeon is using magical powers XD
@GryffindorBuckle: oh, ha ha! That is just Sora being Sora! Being all glowing and stuff! *slowly laughing turns to weird sobbing*
That is sora. I love sora. T_T
Sora is a girl in this series and in ssec. I think
@Bowsergiant: nope. Pink confirmed that a while ago.
@cub6: darn it pink always beats me to it she to fast!
@Bowsergiant : so fast! *zooms by*
@Pinkeevee222: OH! That's probably why R dude wanted to stay in with eve!

Also..... Sora's blush...
@Pinkeevee222: I dunno, *smirk*
@cub6: she will have a sticky note on everything reminding her about sora's blush. Personally for me sora looks cute with a blush and with out.
@Bowsergiant: I think so too

@cub6: sorry my name didn't work in next comment
It's me Bowsergiant and my names not working nnnnnnoooooo
Mine ain't either. @Guest: um, that's my name
@Cubisonia Noel Scry: wait my name is your name?

From Bowsergiant
@Cubisonia Noel Scry: ugh. You aren't even me! Imposter!
@Bowsergiant: ha ha!
Because empires are more impressive than puny castles
@Draconic-Wolf: so more impressive
@Pinkeevee222: YAY NEW COMIC! I am so happy. *throws confetti*
Sam is like this is the end of the world dj is fine with it max is in his own world zeon is confused and sora is loving life making a Sand castle with her eevee witch powers.
@Bowsergiant : Sora is a boy.
IDEA @Pinkeevee222: you should make most eevees mistake Sora for a girl, because of the blush(its invisable right now)
@Pinkeevee222: can you tell that to the people arguing in SSEC about Sora and Oliver having a kit, I seem to be the only one that remembers
@Black lucky cat: SSEC Sora is a girl. Eevee academy Sora is a boy. SSEC Sora does not go by that name in Eevee academy, she goes by a different name. (It is not Sky)
I'm a eeee can I be in eevee academy
@.N.C.the MLG eevee: what's an eeee
@Pinkeevee222: really sora is a .......
Ok then I've lost hope in everything besides these comics.
I love listening to deadmau5 dubstep music it's so good that I listen to it whenever.
@Pinkeevee222: I'm sorry that I thought that sora was a girl for these comics. It is just that 2 comics before this one you made sora look like a girl and to me I believed it.
@Bowsergiant : lots of people get confused, *rubs back*
@cub6: Yeah that's me I'm always confused *derp*
No I have school tommorow !!!!!!!!!!!!
@cub6 & @Bowsergiant: Please stop having irrelevant conversations with each other in the comment section. -_-;;; This isn't a chat room.
@Everybody who is reading dis shit: okay, I shall never talk to Bowsergiant (nor almost anybody) ever again! I have a felling I'm not wanted! Okay Bowser, sorry i can't talk again! I really wish we were friends again! I guess I just got too enthusiastic and lonely, OH WELL. Ima go PM some random people now!
@cub6: Nnnnnnooooooo come back!!!!!!!!*starts crying*

From Bowsergiant
@Bowsergiant : Nah, I'm a piece of crap, anyway. ~bye bye forever now.
@cub6: nnnnnnnoooooooo plz don't do it !!!!!!!!!!!

From Bowsergiant
Some of these Eevees look familiar
the urge to squeal is high but i must resist
I have seen it other comics (stupid eevee shorts) and I love both
@Pinkeevee222 ya know the mithical Pokemon Mew and how it can learn transform. Maybe you could add a Mew-eevee in SSEC and revel it on Feb. 6 (Mewtwo Day) sounds cool right?
@Kanto forever: (why are you talking about ssec here?) anyways, the mew I have doesn't know transform, nor do I think it wants to turn into an eevee.
hahaha, great job! :D
HI!! HI EVERYONE IM BACK!!!!YAY!!!! so can I be in eevee academy please???
:l @Pinkeevee222: T_T
I sense shipping BUT I DON'T KNOW WHO IT IS YET
Are you going to post more?(not to be rude)
@Darkfire99: I am.
@Pinkeevee222:ummmm...... you forgoten DJ's 'peace' necklace
@Eeveefan#1: Huh. I did. Thanks for telling me!
Are you gonna post sooner or later? Sorry if I'm being rude....

Love your comics!
@Eeveefan#1: Well, I was going to post on the 2nd of November, but, every time someone tells me to post, or asks me when the next page is coming out, I postpone posting it. So, I'll probably post the next one on the 1st or 2nd of December. I mean, I was going to update it on the 15th, but, you.
I love your comics and wish I could draw like you. TTnTT
@SnowSylveon: Thanks! You just need to keep practicing! Don't give up and you'll get better!
What are you? A wannabe Sith? Max?
Doko: Yo.
Doka: Oh, wow! Your a jolteon!
Doko: yup. Super cool. What are YOU gonna be?
Doka: A glaceon. *taps ice rock with paw*
Doko: Ooo...

To be continued...
I swear Max is secretly helping the Sound and Sand Villages.
What the Arceus is a Sand Empire?
yep @Pinkeevee222: thats a great reason... reply one year later...

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