November 19th, 2016, 5:32 pm

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Thanks for 200 fans! Sorry that Eevee academy hasn't updated in a month, It's just that. when someone asks me when I'm going to update it, I postpone updating it. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this page!
Pinkeevee222, November 19th, 2016, 5:32 pm Reply
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Made 1 month ago, and she just now put in the words. Thanks PinkEevee!
:P How do you draw eevees like that??? ?_?
Can you make me a character in the comic?
Name: Snow
Gender: Girl (Tomboy)
Personality: Friendly
Outfit: Bows in fur
@Eevee Master: Well, since she's a tomboy, I don't think she would be wearing bows, but its your character, so do what you want with it.
I don't think they will
i am sky from ssec jk
Hey are there any eeveeloution teachers in this
@Guest: I think? But, none are from ssec.
@Pinkeevee222: will one of them be that Vaporeon you got from the giveaway?
@facecafe2: No. That Vaporeon will appear in SSEC.
@Guest: What about Sensei dusk?
But then they have one too many players
@Nashew: You just need to have at least four players. They can trade when somebody gets out
@thebradyiceeevee02: and don't forget the fact max was the only one to agree to this.
YES YES fffffiiiiinnnnnaaaaaallllllyyyyyyyy!!!!! A new Eevee academy strip...now I'll just sit here and wait for the the next one
Yay! But why are the eyes different from SSEC? I mean...the style is way different from SSEC eyes.
@StrawBerriJelli: In another universe, another time. Anything is possible. Walking on 4 legs, instead of 2. Dean being a teacher. Sora is a male. This my good friend is not SSEC, for this very reason PinkEevee decided to change the eyes. (other than the fact they make everything so cute!)
@JanixTheGlaceon: Sora was originally a male. He is sky, but when he made a new made up name he chose Sora, which is what he remembers from his past.
Yas, new comic! Nya.
I thought it would be tougher to convince Max to play four square.
Sora be like "Y u even suggest that"
*chanting* four square
Nobody even knows this exists.... considering that it haven't updated is two months.
@cub6: well she did a very small advertisement for it not to long ago http://ask-ssec.tumblr.com/post/153501709231/so-i-was-wondering-what-does-the-acronym-fav
Am I the only person who thought Max was wearing a Naruto headband for a collar LMAO ha!
@Kakashi Mudkip: That is a Naruto headband, from the sound village, I think.
Hey i'm jelly's sister Era!
@jellybeanier: Sorry, my sister got on my account.
hello guys im here
@Pinkeevee222: you remembered sora's blush! Yay!
I like this comic as much as the SSEC!
@Pinkeevee222 what comics do u like better?

Ssec or eevee acadamy?
Pls reply
@Pinkeevee222 Are there any other series that u hav made?
Coding @Pinkeevee222: Since I may be starting a comic, I would like to know how to change the colours of the Speech bubble template? I thought you might know how too....
Okay, @BlackTippedFlare: Changing the colors of the template is easy if you know like, a tiny bit of coding. I'm going to split up what I say into sections, because, It's a super long process (One that Even I am not finished with, but, I am too lazy to continue at the moment)
First of all, @BlackTippedFlare: go here: http://www.smackjeeves.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=5867
This is where you get all of the files that you need to download. Go down until you see a section titled "changing the top banner" click that, and you'll be sent to Photobucket. download everything you see in this folder, even things that look useless are super important.
@BlackTippedFlare: The next step will not work if the only art program you have is MS Paint. Please confirm that you have access to another art program besides Paint before I can continue.
Since I'm too lazy to log on, sorry @Pinkeevee222: I have ibisPaint?
@BlackTippedFlare: Then, you can not change the color of the template. Please get a better drawing program, and then I can tell you what to do next.
@Pinkeevee222: do you have any recommendations ?
@Guest: Paint tool SAI and Photoshop.
Um @Pinkeevee222: is a specific photoshop or any in particular?
@Pinkeevee222 when is 12 coming out?
@CadelliaFox: I am done with it, I just postpone updating this comic every time someone asks me about updating it.
lol, guess what you just did.
Everone take this quiz i made

Which charachwr are you?
Interesting comics. Both of them.
Sora looks jelly >:3
Dead comic ahoy, time to set camp and light the bonfire mateys.
wth Max

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