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Merry Christmas! Here is a present!

How did Max come to that conclusion??? Well. Max and Sam have... history. Specifically, history from the second grade (they are in the third grade)
Pinkeevee222, December 25th, 2016, 6:39 am Reply
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Is very good yes yes
happy hanukka!
thats a great present for hanukka, thank you pinkeevee :D
This is really irrelevant but @Yuvalis: when I read your comment I thought to my self "what's Hanukkah," so I had to google Hanukkah (bc I don't celebrate it or x-mas) so my sister noticed me doing that so she slapped me in the face XD so I made fun of her saying she is so weak and it felt like a paper slapped me XD (she told on me and then she got grounded)
@May_vee: XD
sweet revenge >:D
@May_vee: Nice. It's always nice to get revenge.
@May_vee, that's a little... Well... Mean. Mew
Yikes we're getting some action here.
@Pinkeevee222: WHY IS MAX MEAN TO SAM!!!???

I find it interesting how little the parts are but create a humongous story.
This is great.

I love the

"It's not an empire."

What a butt
Max go **** urself.
@????: language please!
@trixethecat... I'm standing with you. Mew.
@????: kids read this so DON'T CURSE
Yeah max go **** yourself! Don't be mean to Sam! Sam is amazing! Just be fine with the castle! *Becomes really upset* You and Sam could be really good friends, max!
From Bowsergiant
@Bowsergiant : I see well that you are very upset with the scene but that is no right to curse like that. It's childish also
@Night the fear: I feel like I'm being a devil's advocate here, but who says those **** represent fould language? For all you know it simply stand for love, or deck, or.... duck? Yeah... I can't think of many 4 letter words that fit.
@Staropikmin: the way you use it though can easily speek for itself.
@Night the fear: It can also mean: funk, mute, poop, coop, hoop, dude, gang, mums, dads, pots
@Night the fear. I do not like it's when all of these people are saying the curse word. Mew
@Bowsergiant : i ship sam x max
@Sky207: I had no thought that people ship comic characters! Fascinating indeed....
@Sky207: True! True! True! Max x Sam the ship must sail!!!
From Bowsergiant
#Triggered @Sky207: When I see a ship sailing
*Stares for a few moments*
Look at that. *Points to ship*
*Both stare*
Sera used Hyper Beam (Power boosted by 10 normal gems)
The silk scarf with the wide lens, scope lens, metronome, and a pack of berries all held up by an expert belt boosted the move's power and accuracy
It's super effective on the opposing ship
The ship is now deader than dead

That's what would happen if this was a dirty or false ship can someone explain this ship to me
@AShinyFemaleEevee: my ship is a submarine
@trixethecat: in that case my uncle Rex will sink it. He's a vaporeon
@AShinyFemaleEevee: it's made out of titanium
Calm down guys, he has no right but still.
@X man: I know right!?!
pinkeevee222 Will there be a flashback of what happened in second grade
@trixethecat: Not ever in this comic, but, maybe if I start an askblog for it.
@Pinkeevee222: What is Jackson's first name, and why does he go by his middle name?
@Sapphire: Only Mr. Dean calls him Jackson. Everyone else calls him RJ. Mr. Dean also calls DJ by her middle name (she hates it though)
wow.. dusk.. er i mean max is very mean to sam
The worst part is the other students have saw this scene except for 2 others yet rumor fly's like a fire in the woods so there is a 78% chance everyone will here.
Not going to lie I thought this comic was going to be dead for a lot longer than it was, what inspired you to make the new page @Pinkeevee222
@Sparkzh2o: Um, nothing. This page was finished a long time ago. I just wanted to update on Christmas.
@Pinkeevee222: I was starting to think that over time you have forgotten this comic but Christmas update cleared that theory away.
Yikes a fight about ta go down! Place ya bets mon! I pick the eevee with tha bow
Wait aren't they supposed to be playing in a sandBOX? Where is the box?
@trixethecat: Who said anything about a sand box?
@Pinkeevee222: usually children build sand castles in a sandbox if there not at the beach. The eevees r not at the beach but r still making sand castles
@trixethecat: I based the playground in this comic after the one in my elementary school, and, there was a patch of sand in between the black top and playground equipment. I use to make sand castles in there. I never actually saw a real sand box in any of the playgrounds I have been in, so, I don't know if kids actually play in sandboxes, or if the sand box is just something you see in media. Really, as long as there is a lot of sand somewhere, I think anyone can build a sandcastle.
@Pinkeevee222: u got a point there pink
Yo @Pinkeevee222: my elementary school also had that
Thank you for updating. Furry Christmas and happy New Ear.
@Pinkeevee222: i remember third grade. it was a nightmare. the top bully of the school confessed his love for me. i declined it. now hes even worse than he was before. AND BACK THEN I THOUGHT HE COULDN'T GET ANY WORSE!!!!!!!!!
@Sky207: well, I'm glad ya decided not to date that bully...he needs ta learn some kindness before a gal can date em
@Sky207: heh u redid ur profile pic! Cool
Hey what are Djs hobbies and do any of em have sibiling and did any of the charicters get sick lader and is Jackson the bully oh and why does sora never talk
@Guest: DJ's hobbies include listening to music, eating candy, and annoying her 3 older sisters. Sora also has 3 older sisters. Max has an older sister and a younger sister. Sam has an older brother. IDK about Eve's siblings yet, I am still debating on what to do about her. RJ is not a bully, but, he does get into a lot of fights. Sora does talk, but, he usually will only talk when something catches his interest, or if Zeon or Eve talk to him.
@Pinkeevee222: SORA'S A BOY?!?! Or did you mean "She"? Is it undecided? I'm confused.
@EvanatheEspeon: Sora is 100% male.
R they ever gonna actually learn about Pokemon or will u skip most of class?
@trixethecat: Learning about eevee is the only reason why this comic exists (even though you can easily just go to Bulbapedia to do the same thing)
@Pinkeevee222: and evolutions? :-D
@trixethecat: how many comments are there exactly?
@AquaTheVaporeon: so far its 51
BTW I love your comics pinkeevee! <3 :3
I am guessing that the next scene will partake inside the classroom hence the bell has rung.
I guess no four square
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: I guess no nothing
@trixethecat: what about sadness..
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!:not even that
@trixethecat: hm..
How about you make a comic when one charicters gets sick and misses school oh yeah and how old is mr dean
@Guest: No. And, Mr. Dean is old enough to be in a mid life crisis.
@Pinkeevee222: I bet Mr. Dean's midlife crisis will result in him drinking earl grey instead of his usual type of tea.
well why did he want to build a sand empire
@eeveejamer: because his ego is over 9,000
@trixethecat: oh ok now i see
Wonder if there's going to be a shooting...
@Skepticalshinyumbreon:no this is a academy not a gang fight
@trixethecat: damn... you're right... there are school shootings! Not academy shootings :c
@Skepticalshinyumbreon: I think there is academy shootings but Pinkeevee would never have that in her comic.
@Skepticalshinyumbreon: There can be shootings anywhere
@Eeveelution: pink will NEVER have that in her comic! She ain't tha type to draw such things
@Sylveon : AND THAT IS A GOOD THING!!!!!!!!
PINKEEVEE222 why am i baned from rateing or comenting on thse comics
@shinyeevee: Guests can't rate comics.... I think. You just commented, so, I don't see a problem with that part.
So cute!
(Guest) (Guest)
no i can pinkeevee look i can comment on these comics just not on your comics stupid short eevee comics
@Pinkeevee222: Wait is Sora a Boy or A girl?
@Somone: this is kinda confusing but in this comic Sora is male but in Stupid Short Eevee Comics, Sora is a girl. Some think that in SSEC (stupid short eevee comics) he was transformed into a girl in a lab and may have the power to turn into any gender.
@trixethecat: errr flag on the play slopy (always whated to say that)

p.s changeing my name from shadow the aka shinyeevee sunny dezz ;3
@sunny dezz: wha?
@sunny dezz: ???
shit im late for work bye everone
since some of u like to curse Use kittycrumbles instead. Kittycrumbles has no definition so it has no meaning and cannot be used wrongly.
Well i just discovered this where the next page at :o
@cybokat1865: WHERE :0
@cybokat1865: TELL ME!!!... please
@trixethecat: devaintart.... most likely...
Oh no he didn't!
languge sunny dezz
@fan something: bruh wut
I just realized that some of them have last names that fit with their story like DJ "Ile" and Zeon "quest"
@Pinkeevee222: I like the comics and I read stupid short eevee comics to. Great comics. :)
Sora seems very uncomfortable or mad
antagonist @Pinkeevee222: The antagonist is strong in this one.

Its had no updates in like 3 monthssssss
@cybokat1865: I haven't updated it because I'm making this comic a Patreon reward.
@Pinkeevee222: lolz #Max x Sam
@Pinkeevee222: how long will the Patreon award take?
@Eeveechy: look at the Patreon page to find out.
He wants a sandcastle at first then when Sam comes.....He thinks he can have more than sandcastles
Oh yeah and my name is Sam and I have a boyfriend named Max.....IM IN THIRD GRADE!This is so much like my life
Hey Pinkeevee, are background eevees from SSEC going to appear in this comic?
@Zappy the Raichu: Yes. Some will even be selected to be enrolled in the school.
@Pinkeevee222: Cool! So, how will the BG eevees be selected?
@Zappy the Raichu: Randomly.
Make More comics pls ._____.
@Guest: Nu.
Has anymon herd of "Bendy and the Ink Machine"?
@full house 4 life: no.
I love the comic
Can you make more comics I love them
@Eevee: Nu
BEAUTIFUL! This comic is really great! Can you make others of this? But why the teacher Mr. Dean is not evolved and he is an eevee like the students?
@Moonlight Umbreon: Why not? Grown ups can be eevees too. He just decided to not evolve.
@Pinkeevee222: Thanks for the answer! I read Stupid Short Eevee Comics too, and they really funny, but can you make more comics whit Sora? I love her story. How she can be an eevee but a sylveon too? Another questions (excuse me): The Sora of SSEC and the Sora of Eevee Academy are the same?
@Moonlight Umbreon: They are 2 different Pokemon, from 2 different series.
@Muddy Mudkip: OK :(
(Read this like a stereotypical British soccer obsessed person. You'll laugh, and don't hound me for a joke.)
@BWM:Oi mate do you know what BWM means?If you don't it mean Bisexual White Males.
@Eeveechy: Well, he said British, so, it could also mean British white male.
I'm trying to make new eeveelutions for eevee.So far I have a ghosteon and a bugeon.(ghosteon is a ghost type and bugeon is a bug type)
Wow that patreon award is taking a loooonnnnngggggggg time!
@Eeveechy: Why don't you help out and donate then?
I have nothing better to do in life right now please make more comics of Eevee Academy
@RealBoxTheEevee: I already made 2 more, and am working in a 3rd.
Why soo long.... i just read this today but it's haven't been updated since desember wut!?!?!?
Pinkevee pls update this Pweaes :3
why,why Max? 0_0
:3 Hey pinkeevee have you ever thought of making a schedule for when you post Eevee academy comics or is there no room for it? And the Eevee who was building a empire looks like dusk, Sam looks like harmony, the nerdy one looks like eve and one of them reminds me of Oliver. Also does Jackson have a crush on the one with the glasses (the nerdy looking one)
@Eeveelope: Yes. For the Summer, I'm going to try to update Eevee academy once a week, on Wendsdays.
:: @Pinkeevee222: hey it's me the f u guy and I am a big jerk today I hade a ruff day because I always get made fun at school and can I get a second chance I promise yes I am a b**** and I am really sorry so can u plz unban me on the other comic I really learned from my mistake also i will delete all the comments I said so yea pls reply
When is the next comic coming out for this one?Its been a long time and probably has been here since 2016!
@Pinkeevee222: yo i love this so far and the meanie buttface was also hilarious
Pink eevee if you don't mind me asking is this eve the same eve from SSEC and if so when did she get glasses
Hmm So I was looking more detailed into this and saw that Max was wearing something interesting.

Is that a village headband from Naruto?!
: @Pinkeevee222: hey it's me the f u guy and I am a big jerk today I hade a ruff day because I always get made fun at school and can I get a second chance I promise yes I am a b**** and I am really sorry so can u plz unban me on the other comic I really learned from my mistake also plz reply
@hey it's me the f** u : You can start by not saying bad words
Hey it's me @Eeveechy: k
I Am Waiting I am waiting for the next comic...
@Eeveechy: Only Patreons get to see it today. You'll have to wait until next Wednesday... sorry....
jee be grateful
Yeah I mean I am waiting for next Wednesday.Lol I said my sentence wrong :3.
wha? it seems like sam or max(whichever one said the thing about the empire) must have been a idiot, 1. bulding a sand empire would be impossible for NORMAL type Pokemon, and just because it was not perfect means that he'll(the one about the sand empire one) break the promise, isn't that a but idiotic?

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