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Eevee Academy is having a reboot! When? Idk. I have been slowly working on it in the background for the past few months.
If you have a background eevee in ssec, and want them to be in Eevee Academy, tell me the name of your background eevee in the comments, their background eevee number (on the list), and, a Paragraph (5 sentences or more) about your character in the world, or a paragraph on who your favorite character in the series is so far! Your eevee have to be currently on the master eevee list! Submissions are currently closed! Please add a middle/ last name, and at least 3 grade Numbers. Eevee Academy is a K-12 Private school. And, most Eevees who sign up will go here, others on the list who did not sign up, and a few will go to Eevee Elementary, Moss rock Middle school, or Eon high.
I will close these submissions once I have enough
Thank you for your patience!
(Random Examples)
Name: Fred Lucas Tuber
Eevee Number: 14
Grades: any
Paragraph: Fred is that type of Enigma you only see once in a Blue moon. He has a super squeaky voice, is super hyper, and is pretty crazy. He absolutely hates Kevin for no reason at all, and frequently talks about an eevee named Judy, who seems to be a figment of his overactive imagination. He lives in a house with his morbidly obese mom who hates his guts. His dad is a wrestling super star that everyone knows, but, no one believes Fred when he tells them this because Fred is crazy and the super star denies that he has any kids.

Name: August Maki Badge
Eevee Number: 3
Grades: 4th grade, 3rd grade or 2nd grade
Paragraph: August is a weird eevee who likes to pretend that she is a great detective! She also bites her nails and eats glue sometimes with her bff, Walter. She always carries around a plastic toy camera, to take pictures of things. Ever since she solved the mystery of the missing Candy box, then solved the mystery of the un stuffed teddy, the eevees in the lower grades go to her to solve mysteries and other problems. She ofc, made a business out of this. She has a brother 2 years younger than her, and a just hatched baby brother. Her parents are flareons.

Name: Don Markus Banks
Eevee Number: 9
Grades: Any grade in High school
Paragraph: My favorite character in the series so far is Max. He is just so funny, and, I like his Naruto Bandana! I ship him and Sam SO HARD, Like, you have no idea. They are just. Perfect for each other. Even tho they are kids, you can like, totally see the romantic chemistry uwu.
Master Eevee List Link
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Oh! The Main cast of the series is in the 3rd grade, lol
Most SSEC main characters are in High school, except Dawn and Daisy, who are in the 8th and 5th grades respectively.
BUT, the comic is not focusing on the ssec cast, just the main cast.
Pinkeevee222, February 21st, 2019, 12:45 pm Reply

Walter so long
Your welcome people becuase I asked her to upload on eevee achademy
once upon a time there was someone named woo he when he saw this he was soooo happy.he decided he would submit an eevee but it wouldnt work. no matter how hard he tried he didnt know one point he gave up on it.he knew his hopes and dreams would be crushed again. that person was me.
Been a while, yay :D
Name: Carlos Jean Davenport
Number: 86
Grade: 9th, 10th or 11th
Para: Carlos is an odd teen who, while a bit off on social cues, loves interacting with other eevee’s. He has an extreme passion for science, often making puns or references about it, and is usually pretty technical and scientific. He always wears this costume-grade lab coat, and occasionally goggles around his neck. He often rambles about different sciences once he has your attention, and will go on for a long time if you don’t stop him.

-I hope this is alright? Also, the ref sheet is a bit older and vague in the style for him, so if you need me to, I can draw him a bit cleaner and focus on a few things a bit better like his eyes and ear rings? Just let me know and I’ll fix one up and message you. ^^
@DeltaRun: You can update his sheet if you like, lol. Tho, from what I remember of his application, he seems fine.
@Pinkeevee222: Alright, thank you ^^
Name: Naruko Sebun Kintaru

Eevee Number: 57

Grade: 10, 11, or 12

A very very sleepy little eevee, usually found sleeping through his classes though he seems to somehow pass them in the end with surprisingly good grades. He's easy to get along with and can be very sweet in the off chance that you can keep him awake long enough to make a real connection. Always wears his beanie and bracelets/anklets as he thinks they look nice on him. Absolutely loves to read, which is the main activity people will see him engaged in if they find him awake. He's very mature for his age, usually talking to those his age or older and not paying much mind to his underclassmen. Thinks very highly of himself which can make him come across as a bit arrogant even though he may not mean to.


I know his owner is listed as ShoopDaWalrus on the master list but that was my old username/account I used until a couple of years ago. If you need proof that it's actually me I have some old messages from when I submitted him to provide if need be.
If you need any other details at any point for whatever reason I'll be happy to provide them. Also his reference image is very old so I'd be totally willing to redraw him if needed, since I made his original one with my laptop trackpad in this horribly unstable old version of MS Paint. If you want me to update it I'll just make a new app sheet with all his info to replace the old one.
@Ikaterru: Not a problem! I can change his owner! You can update him if you want, lol. Do you need a new application? I kinda sketched him in my ssec word doc and now every time I open it to type in it, I see him, lolll
@Pinkeevee222: I have a blank application from like 2016 on one of my laptops so I should be fine unless an updated version has been made since then. In that case I might need a new one just to be sure everything I provide is as current as possible.
@Ikaterru: I'll give you a new link just in case, cause, I think 2016 or 2017 was the year I changed the forms.
Name: Chester Eton Lancaster

Eevee Number: 94

Grade: 7, 8 or 9

Smart, creative, extroverted and humorous, Chester is one of the most popular eevees and has a strong sense of justice. He constantly tries to prevent bullying, and is usually successful. He really likes snacks and meat and hates vegetables. Chester can read very quickly and prefers fictional over non-fictional books. He also tries to hide his artistic style because, artists are very defensive over what they draw. Coming up with arguments as to why (p)corn sucks is a minor, last resort hobby. He is slightly arrogant and quickly gets defiant if anymon is to doubt him. He also takes criticism very seriously, and although it doesn't really affect him afterward, it takes him a long time to get over being reprimanded. He has a brother who dreams to be a Flareon, Lionel. Chester hasn't decided on whether he would rather be a(n) Vaporeon, Jolteon or Umbreon, because he still hasn't gotten over the fact that there is no flying-type eeveelution.
@MoonTheTooLazyToLoginUmbreon46: OH! Can you please give me the new locations of your Background eevee apps? The ones you gave me do not work anymore!
Name: Lionel Alec Lancaster

Eevee Number: 95

Grade: 7, 8 or 9 (same as brother, Chester)

Lionel, or Leo, is your typical cheeky prankster. He likes doing things like hacking the laptop so only he and Chester can access it (he doesn't do it anymore after, well, a few specific incidents), setting traps in the common area or picking locks of several rooms. Is smarter than he lets on, and despite his impish nature, can be serious at times when needed. Was very dependent on his closest brother, Chester, and is now his best friend. When younger, before his eye color was apparent, was bullied by the meaner vees who thought his eye color was red. Lionel has mild dyslexia and ADHD which makes it hard for him to focus in class (especially math). He is quite artistic. Loves to game, just like Chester (although the latter will not admit it) Can be commonly found with a bag of chips and a laptop. Lionel and Chester are alike in many ways, and both hate (p)corn. Feels a strong connection with fire, and dreams to be a Flareon.
is this new???
@eeveeplaysfortnite: The series? No. This page? Yes.
@Pinkeevee222: i all of a sudden feel stupid
Name: Brixenaru "Brixie/Brix" Ramsay
Eevee Number: 59
Grade: 2,3,4
Paragraph: Brix is a shy quiet eevee who would rather spend her time building something than talk to someone. (she's very good at building!) Often outspoken, it is very hard for her to make friends. She loves the snow and is never seen without her scarf. Steers clear of her older brother Brick.
Name: Brickenaru "Brick" Ramsay
Eevee Number: 69
Grade: High School
Paragraph: Unlike his shy little sister, Brick is a very outgoing and easy-to-get-along-with eevee. He's very popular with the girls, albeit well-known as a heartbreaker. He's very VERY C L O S E friends with Anon. He had a scarf identical to Brix's, but gave it to Anon on his birthday. Very very good cook, try to catch him at home-ed.
@Brixenaru: This is just my opinion, but I find the 2 paragraphs kind of contradicting. "Unlike his SHY little sister, Brick is a very OUTGOING". This indicates the sister to be shy and thus wouldn't be one to speak up/speak to others too much. Yet the sister says "Often outspoken". Now, I know the proper definition of outspoken, but it should still be along of the lines of like, maybe softspoken or introverted/shy? Because even if she does speak her mind (outspoken) she would be too shy to say it. (And vice versa). I recommend fixing it a tad maybe, because it's very on-the-brink of being between the 2 defining adjectives.
(Also sorry for posting a long message to you when it's been a couple months xD)
Sol~ Name: Solstice (nickname is Sol) bread
Eevee No: 119
Grades: anywhere in high school
Summary: Solstice, or Sol, for short is your pretty average vee. He really enjoys building. He tries getting honor roll (A and B). He pretty shy sooo, yeah. He always get teh big crush on teh girls as well uwu. But he usually doesn't get any of dem, cuz. They're usually taken or he gets friend zoned.

I'm bad with these things holy crap •>•
@JolteonIsDaBest: middle name plz~
@Pinkeevee222: oof right

Uh..... Ruliff

So, his full name would be Solstice Ruliff Bread
@JolteonIsDaBest: bread OwO
this is random h o i
Cool, a reboot
Nice! Nice! I’ll have to keep updated more, then, so I can make sure to add it to my Online Comic list- Yes I keep a list because as you can see I’m a guest with no other way to remember these all-
OH MEH GOOOOOOOOOOODDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name:Sean aid nick

Eevee Number:102

Grade:7, 8 or 9

Your average drawer.His dream is to become a cool artist.He is very nice to people.He sometimes frogets his drawings and leaves them somwhere.He is good at gaming.And he mostly day dreams about what hes going to draw.He loves reading about science.He dreams to become a glaceon.He mostly watches Lionel and Chester do stuff.Stays away from (p)corn
@woo: now ive realy sighned in first account woo hoo p.s woo is my guest account
@woo: very good thing i logged in before i did this
so many hes. i hope i get in the academy.
Reeeeeeeeboooooooting reeeeeeeeeeeebooooooooooooooooooootinh
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000- 1000000000000000 centuries of counting the years of how long the YAY has lasted later 00000000000 centuries later. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- Another 1000000000000000000000000- again. 100000000000000000 centuries later. AAAAAAAAAAAY! PinkEevee, you probably don't know me, but as a really nice fan, I'd be glad to support you the whole way.
@(`°3°`): agreed
You know what isn't fair though? The fact that us anons can't actually sign up for the google forms cuz we don't have the requirements for a mukking account.
@Guest: you just need a regular account, one that was created on Google or something, personal info like your location and actual name aren’t required. I’m currently trying to convince my mom to let me have an account on here, I’m too lazy to make my own website
But i saw the comments and checked the master eevee list. There was a anon and other said stuff about their eevees. I checled the number which wouldnt apply to the master eevee list since thats for ssec oopz. Anyways if there was an anon say their vee in the comments why cant we?
But she said in the master eevee list. What if the anon was too lazy to go to their account?
*hit* well maybe we can do the googl forms without an account!
I highly doubt even most of us have an email let alone a googke drive account.
@Guest: I have an Email! ... No, I am not older than ten. I am... over seven.... and under nine... I turn nine next month... ALSO I SUGGEST READING SSEC
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Shoot, its been years since i've read your stuff! Its still great though!
My background eevees :D Name: “Lucky” Charm Aria
Eevee Number: Technically not yet on the list but since he’s gonna be replacing Mint Chip, 107
Grades: 8. 10, 11
Info: Charm was named after his golden charms he was given as a child. Charm makes sure to always wear his lucky charms for good luck. He's quite a careful and nervous eevee. Charm isn't very popular as well, as he often tries to stop bullying, and often fails. Charm is quite of a pushover and usually helps others, even if he actually doesn't want to. His best friend is Efeu and he has a younger sister named Kaen, who's gone to high school somewhere else.
Name: Efeu Welsh Lanner
Eevee Number: 105
Grades: 8, 10, 11
Info: Efeu is a quiet eevee who often gets bullied in school. He doesn't like in talk about what goes on in his family and seems to avoid girls. He is quite mature for his age. Efeu likes to read books and write stories. He likes to eat ice cream and wants to evolve into a glaceon. Efeu feels strange around Charm and right now are best friends with him. Efeu doesn't make friends easily as he has serious trust issues and is very introverted. Efeu is quite protective of Lucky.
oh would you look at the time

its time
chiulxddhwzj Where Harmobab? Name: Miarah Joyce Laviña (Nickname is Mia or Mimi)
Eevee Number: 35
Grades: As long it's around highschool =3=
Paragraph: Mia is calm,somewhat shy at times,somewhat sensitive(both physically and emotionally),very friendly/nice (if you get to know her more) and she is very creative. Creative in making ideas and such. She loves writing poems or poetry-like stories,mostly about love. She is also good at drawing and really loves it. She always carry a sketchbook at school and sketch during class. She loves to listen to music while thinking of ideas and while drawing. She loves eating sweet and savory foods,mostly chocolate,pancake and fries. XD She is raised by a cool shiny umbreon. They get along very well. She get good grades and lazy to even bother entering any poem competition or drawing contest,she'll join them if it is necessary. She is actually very good in drama,like,literally,somehow don't seem to use such talent much,also,good in Math. She wears a red bow around the neck like all the time(every moment) and can be seen with a ruffled headpiece from time to time. Watches anime for references. She also dreams of evolving either into a Glaceon,Flareon or Leafeon.
Its me, (`°3°`)! I named this after my minecraft username. Also my roblox. They wouldn't let me have my username as (`°3°`) so I did this.nNow I can do stuff! Yay! Yay.......... now wut?
Yare yare, class already? Name: Blank White Slate
Eevee Number: 108 (will update bio at some point)
Grades: 8th to 12th
Paragraph: From his hatching, Blank's passion has been his art and the world is a canvas for him to fill it. Messing with his art is an instant dislike in his book, literally. Personally he doesn't mind much for other people but would kind of float around other creative types. Besides art classes, he's rarely paying attention, usually just doodling while the teacher yaps and copying a classmate's notes later.
He's always seen with his school bag over his shoulder, though it's filled with spare pencils, paint, sketchbooks, and other art-related supplies. Apparently a large staff-like brush could be a weapon (it can) so he can't take it to class, but you bet he has it out of school.
Name: Konix Faust
Eevee Number: 38
Grades: 3rd, 4th or 5th.
Paragraph: Usually very introvert eevee who's only open tho those who he trusts, he had been always called weird back in 1st and 2nd grade due to always being closed, and usually don't showing much emotions to the public. Konix, however, is very shy, and very weak to judgement, and easily gets mad towards those who insult him or whoever he calls a friend, sometimes even wanting to pick up a fight. He's average at the high school when it comes to studying, usually has problems with the teachers as everything he hears is taken literally and he can't usually tell sarcasm. He has huge problems with empathy, thing that he doesn't feel to those who he doesn't trust, in other words; If you're not his friend, he just doesn't care about you at all.
He had past trying to be against the school and/or classmates as said, usually ignoring a few direct orders, as he hates to be given orders. His short temperament might sometime make him do a fight with another student which would get him expelled...
I always get so lazy when having to login here
What I'm most curious is how he has friends if he doesnt't care about anybody else. If he doesn't care, how did he make friends?!
Name: Lance Bravern Robinson
Eevee Number: 89
Grades: 3, 4 or 5
Paragraph: Lance is brave and strong. He doesn't hesitate to stand up to bullies. He tries not to use violence, but he uses it as a last resort. He doesn't always take the victim's side, as some bullies do it for a good reason. He just controls violence and destruction. He's often bored in class and spends his time doodling. He's surprisingly angry when teachers give equal punishments to bullies and victims, and sometimes gets angry and shouts. This sometimes gets him into big trouble.
There's a reason behind all this protection- he's suffered from many bullies himself when he was younger. But he remained strong and became the hero that he is today.

Side note(s): He really likes a girl Eevee. Even I don't know who, but he likes one of them. His cheeks go red and he starts sweating if you ask him about her.

NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, touch his scruff cape.
this sounds fun! if you want it

Name: Dante Rivern Daniels
Eevee Number: 120 (i think)
Grades: 3
Paragraph: Dante is a rather odd individual for his age. A rather mysterious individual, he is asocial and actually a bit shy to strangers, though he can come off as unapproachable. The only time he really speaks at all is when he sings, but that's more of a once in a blue moon situation. He's not the biggest fan of asserting himself and can be a bit of a troublemaker sometimes.
Name: Oranvi Chio Berr (usually goes by Oran)
Number: 34
Grade: 6th, 7th, or 8th
Paragraph: His favorite subject is obvious- Lunch. Though he isn’t exactly popular among other vee, those he talks to seem to always leave smiling or laughing (Oranvi doesn’t seem to mind if it’s with or at him, as long as they’re happy). He is always happy to play with others, as long as he gets his snack break. Or two. Or seven.
Name: Zachary Ryan Young (Goes by Zack)
Eevee Number: 83
Grades: 8th, 9th or 10th
Paragraph: Smart, mischievous, crafty, creative and rash, Zack is a very hyperactive and bold eevee. He can be very overwhelming to others due to his high energy. Zack sometimes gets picked on for his energetic behavior and usually eats his burritos alone during lunch. Zack is surprisingly smart despite how he acts, often getting decent grades. He likes to pull many pranks on either the students or the teachers, which are mostly harmless. Zack likes to wear armbands, a wrist band that says "bro" which he puts on his ear (for some reason) and two patches of black paint under his eyes. He's not very popular and hangs out with the other unpopular ones.
Question, do we make up the eevee number..? Or.. is it given out?
@A mop: It's given once you officially have a background eevee
Wait, can someone explain grades to me? My country doesn't use that system you see ^^'
Name: Scout Lin Sherman
Eevee Number: 88
Grades: Somewhere in Elementary School
Paragraph: Scout is always too busy to play with the other kids, because he's always looking for lost things. He's highly curious and will always look forward to an investigation and challenge. He keeps a magnifying glass on him at all time and carries a satchel to keep all his detective things with him. Probably reads too much detective manga and stories.
@XRed-moon: omg, I love Scout so much, like, seriously, he is adorable. I wanted to put him in ssec comics several times, but like, he never fits the roles I need TTuTT
@Pinkeevee222: lol! hopefully he'll find some time to shine sooner or later! i'm glad you like him ^^
Name: Nicholai Ruben "Nichel" River
Eevee Number: 88
Grades: 4th grade or higher.
Paragraph: Nichel works as the hustler of the school. If you need something, odds are Nichel has it. He usually trades with a big happy smile and some positive words to encourage his fellow school attendees to return to him. In reality this is all a facade so he can make a profit. Nichel is very greedy and protective of his products, making the only way for him to cooperate is by offering something of value. This also makes him easy to bribe and to make him talk if ever in need of information.
@Lottos35: Thank you!! >w<
If this reboot ever gets an official fandub like SSEC, I'm hoping that the same people will play all of the same characters, but all of their voices will be made really high-pitched, even for any characters who's voices should be the same.
Name: Pouli Gilean Savant
Eevee # : 68
Grades: 6th, 8th, or 10th
Paragraph: Pouli is a tomboy, gritty and rough around the edges. She doesn't care for stereotypes, and heavily dislikes sexism. She is ready to beat up anyone who puts her down, or her gender. She is a kuudere/tsundere type mix, but is loyal to those she calls friends. She tends to get along better with males over females, as she finds many of them shallow. She has a short temper.
( g i can draw a better reference if needed, especially bc the old one is outdated and in my terrible old art style)
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Please do if you can! thank you!
Name: Jet Sleuth Tucker
Eevee Number: 20
Grades: 11th or 12th
Paragraph: Being in one of the higher grades in the school, Jet knows all the ins and outs. All the hidden passageways and spots to relax without being seen. He frequently abuses this power to find things out, most of the time helping out a little in-school private eye office that he helps out with. When he isn't working on stuff, he would typically be found just relaxing and listening to music for hours on end, or working on his homework, whichever is more important at the time. He has dreams of eventually becoming a detective and cracking down on major criminals and their ilk.
@TucKiD: or 10th, never really saw him as a elementary schooler
@TucKiD: Thanks!
My vee Name: jeff devin leon
Eevee Number: 110
Grades: 3,4 or 7
Paragraph: Jeff (short for Jeffrey) is a highly curious vee with a lot to share. He would often East drop oh other mons when talking about gossip and other things.He loves to explore new places and isn’t scared to visit a new place but he is scared of spiders. Also, he’s kind at times when other mons are kind to him and he loves ramen.But jeff is just like any other mon growing up and trying new things.And he wears a blue beanie with a poof on top.
@Dusk: Thank you!
Cool, I may have an Eevee somewhere
Name: Jess Star Adams

Eevee Number: 104

Grade: 11th

Paragraph: Jess is an Eevee and has sky blue eyes, tan fur, and a white spot pattern on the right eye. Jess is a shy Eevee, but once you get to know her, she is very happy and outgoing. She has a lot of artistic talent and her favorite subject in school is math. She has 3 friends and has no crush. Jess is very sensitive, so the slightest insult can lead to tears. Other mons make fun of her for fun, calling her a crybaby. Jess is hurt all the time, but when she wants to, she can be pretty tough. Her mom doesn’t talk to Jess at all, since she thinks she’s an embarrassment to her and her family name, since the Adam’s were known to be tough and warrior-like.


I’m not very good at explaining my characters ;-;
@Eevee Nova: Eevee number 104 is Piebald.
@Pinkeevee222: ohhhh I read the wrong one :p
How does this number thing work exactly??? I would like to be in on this. ^^
@NoobyEevee: If I’m not incorrect, you need to have an eevee on the master eevee list, the corresponding number’s in there
Something to read while waiting for updates on Stupidshorteeveecomics
Name: Eva

Number: 113

Grade: 10th

Descrpition: Eva is a quiet Eevee, with black eyes. She is very eerie and often says riddles who’s answers are about to happen. She moves like a possessed doll and her fur is pale white. She rarely shows emotion, however when she gets mad then her powers control her; she is corrupt, the Missingno. Eevee called Eva or Evra (middle name and last name are unknown) who always walks from school alone and her family is unknown.

The other Eevee like to call her Ghost Girl as a joke
@ : Eevee #113 is Shonji.
@Pinkeevee222: You can change her number to 121 then if it isn’t taken
@ : wow...that’s impactful...
The character I made This character will not be drawn) Leva pronounced Lee vaa Leva salon elegon. Grade 5th 6th or seventh. Eevee number:133 Leva is a brave eevee with creamy brown fur and lavender eyes she has baby pink tips on her ears and on her paws and also the tip of her tail her nose is dark pink she usually wears her pink heart necklace her mom a sylveon made her her dad is a umbreon she loves reading and will easily make friends she likes playing on the swing she has a brother named solo and she often will be found hanging out with boys she loves tacos she hates math and really wants to evolve into leafeon! She will eat any kind of food if you tell or dare her to. Leva has glasses she does not like to wear. *she sorta has a crush on Neon lol please don’t tell her* she wants to grow up to be like her mother that is a school teacher. Her birthday is on July 13th 2007 so she is twelve years old. Btw she dosent wear her glasses because she thinks she looks like a nerd *makes cringe face*
_____________________________________pls put her in the academy!!! I would be super happy I can’t get to draw her cause my mom will not let me . Hopefully I gave you enough details that you can draw her!!!! She also wears a Lavender bow thank you so much
A thankful life Lol what a thankful shankful life at a mankful graceful pifev why is life so difficult making weird a shiftacult why is dad so glad my mom is close
to a bomb my dog found a hog with a big fat pat on its bat lol I rhymed weirdly *laughs* looks at leva the eevee HOPEFULLY SCRUFFY DRAWS LEVA!
Oh and the lavender bow is on leva’s ear.
On leva’s RIGHT ear
The bow has a dark purple dot in the middle and on the tips of leva’s bow
Lol: Leva’s eyes have dark purple in the middle
Name: Neon Jian Rings

Eevee number:45

Grades: 10th 11th or12th

Patient, calm and brave Neon is an all around dependable guy. Although he struggles academically he shines emotionally. With him being in tune with his emotions he finds it easy to help out any eevee in distress. Ask him for help and he would gladly accept. His sense of humor is odd to say the least, chuckling at the simplest things. Personality wise he is rather attentive, choosing to read situations from afar and staying quiet. Although his personality often shifts from introvert to extrovert depending on his mood, he can easily go up to someone and give them a hug. With the thought of keeping everyone happy, he will not hesitate to show affection to those around him in order to help them feel needed. Romance wise Neon treads carefully, with the intentions of not hurting anyone he is open to finding somemon special to him although it's not his top priority. That being said his loyalty is second to none. Neon mostly comes out as a softy but can be assertive and straightforward when need be. He is also a weeb and is not afraid to suggest a few anime with slice of life and romance being his preference. His dream eeveelution is Umbreon due to his strong attraction to the moon.
@NEONtheUMBREON23: thank you!
Yeesh ^^;
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What do you mean by reboot? I’m to lazy to get a dictionary
@Lady J: re·boot
(with reference to a computer system) boot or be booted again.
"the new value will not be in force until you reboot the system"
an act or instance of booting a computer system again
Hopefully this helped Lady J!
@Sylveontheangel22 : Thanks, sorry I haven’t been on in a while
@Milkbone the umbreon : I can not accept your eevee because she is not an official Background eevee.
@Pinkeevee222: ok sorry for making this I did not know the rules I’m sorry I did not know wut to do sorry I just did wut other people were doing
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@Milkbone the umbreon : also I did not read the comment that you posted I’m still vary sorry
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what dose Eevee Number do ?
@luckysand: It confirms that you have an eevee on the list, because I can check
@Pinkeevee222: now i scrool dowm the i relice i make a mistake yesterday
sorry pinkeevee .
didn`t mean to
Eliza Hunter (nickname Frost)
she is kind but, mean towards to some people (or eevee in this case), she is energetic that she can make a bigger sand empire than max (lol;p jk) she loves nature that she explore the woods and draws anything she finds interesting, she does not fit in with the rest of the eevees but she always tries to become everybody's friend, her parents died when she was a kit and everytime she sees somebody with there parents or when she is uncomfortable she stays still and she have a backflash of her parents death ,she shy when she is alone, and she likes drawing nature or other things she finds amazing she likes to sketch it in her book (she doodles in her papers in class) (oh and she think R.J as friend and she interested in Max but she has not made up her mind that she likes \_(o~o)_/

Light brown eevee, she has neon blue eyes, tips of her ears are white and her paws too, and have a snowflake as a bow on her ear

For Pinkeevee:

Aaawww…….Sweet I been waiting since forever for a new page comes out and look at this!!!!! I can not wait to see more!!! I do not care if you put my eevee in all I care is about how this comic will grow to be the best of the best!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for rebooting the comic!!!!!!!
@'*Charm*': your eevee is not on the list
@Pinkeevee222: Welp! I do not care as long this comic is alive that woud be the best thing in my entire lonely life ever!!! Hope you luck to finish it!
Name: Aliza Meteor

Number: 134(i think)

Grade: 7th or 8th

Paragraph: She is gentle, strong-willed ,very friendly and very creative Eevee. She taking care of a cool warrior sylveon(unveon) and a smart scientist espeon(Kelly) UwU. She always wear purple scarf. She is very shy sometimes. She loves eating cookies, pancakes, chocolate, Strawberry and ice cream. She is good at drawing and she always gets higher grades. She loves singing and listening some music. She is totally great at fighting (because Unveon teach her to be brave.
She loves watching anime. Also when she grown up, she wants to be a Sylveon, glaceon, leafeon or a espeon.
@Eeveeadventure 132: Can you send me a link to your background application?
igl Make it tinto a book when ur dune plzzz
Fianally Fianally A new page
I'm begging you to hurry up and reboot the series. Please plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
Your welcome people because I'm the one who asked her to reboot the series
@Guest: THANKS
Yea make it a book plz
Name: Layla

Age: 9

Grade: 3rd or 4th (3rd preferred0

Description: Shy and goes to a assisted needs class because of her ADHD. She is an incredible author and loves fantasy, she spends every moment of her free time reading in the library. Layla has no dormmates and Isolates herself alot. Believe it or not she is actually a Shiny Evee who will turn into a shiny umbreon, she is Maxs sister but he doesnt like her and doesnt mention her existing. She is bullied and depressed, everyone call her a freak for being a shiny, this is one of the main reason she isolates herself
I AM THE GUEST WHO MADE LAYLA I TRIED TO WORK ON EDITING HER BUT IT NEVER WORKED. Layla also has tiny glasses that are black in the front and dark blue on the sides, Plus I might mention of her weird habbit to scream into the sky about dragons coming to burn the school or black unicorns coming to stab them with there horns. She is shy and kinda just wants friends or maybe someone to like her in a way that no one else does, she is actually VERY acttractive and beautiful but since none of the boys ever see her she might never have a lover.
@Guest: I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder as well
Oof hah, this is random
quick question how do we make a background eevee?
oh i mean submit one oopsies
@woostertherooster: as far as I know, at the moment the background eevee submissions are closed, when the current chapter of ssec ends they will be probably opened again.
Name : Millie Nate Mint
Eevee Number : 22
Grade : Any
Paragraph: Millie is an Athletic eevee. She likes to hop around a lot.Her Favorite game is Hide and seek, she would ask others to play with her. She would get frustrated when people ask her questions, cause she doesn't know how to answer them. Beside that she is a trust worthy friend to have.
Name: Atlas Stripe Martínez
Eevee Number: 125
Grades: 3rd 4th or 5th grade
Paragraph: Atlas is a troublesome vee. He HATES bullies and he goes in an outrage instead of being calmed. He’s quite close-minded (like any kid would tbh lol) and doesn’t believe that a bully can change, although, he will not bother bullies while he doesn’t see them bully anyone. He gets frustrated somewhat easily when he can’t seem to do something, that doesn’t mean he gives up tho, he’s highly stubborn. He likes playing tag and similar games with the boys and he’s very good at Math. His dad’s a cop who’s an arcanine and his mom’s a latinoamerican espeon who’s an astronomer.


Name: Sun Shire Mocha
Eevee Number: 126
Grades: 3rd grade
Paragraph: Sun’s kind of a late bloomer. He’s definitely the most oblivious and naive out of his class, he believes in any kind of tale someone tells him, because, why would they lie to him? He will ignore anyone that tells him that Santa Delibird isn’t real, same goes for the tooth ribombee and the Easter scorbunny. His grades are ok except for English, he’s horrible at spelling and reading out loud for a third grader. He loves playing in the playground with his friends (which is anyone tbh, he’s super friendly) and he enjoys reading (short) fantasy books, he even proclaimed himself to be “the floof king” due to him having a lot of fluff compared to an average eevee his age. His mom’s a Flareon, his dad’s a stoutland and his big bro (who’s somewhere in eon high) is a vaporeon.
Name: Aurelia Star Jones (Nickname is Auri)
Number: 72
Grade: 9th or 11th
Paragraph: Aurelia has tan fur, blue eyes, and a white circle on her right eye. She has 3 friends and hates boys (she’s pretty savage around them). Aurelia is always daydreaming and gets sidetracked easily. Despite this, she is a straight A student due to her quick nature for things. She always hopes to evolve into an umbreon or jolteon. Favorite food is cake and jello.
Hi @Pinkeevee222 if u look under stupid short eevee comics I made a book dedicated to you called eevee search on wattpad.
@Pinkeevee222 if you could on stupid short eevee comics make a new eevee called Fir please? Just asking
Hello pinkeevee Oh you don’t nowk Who i am download ColorTherapy I’m shiny torracat I create my own, comment book pinkeevee it’s ColorTherapy!!!!
Haha cool!
Just reboot all ready. Its been more than 2 months.O,w,O
@Guest: we al sad
Since I designed Layla I feel like everyone has created background evees, Plus Pinkevee please dont forget this comic
She isn't rebooting anytime soon is she?
@Guest: nope
@Guest: Nope
Well then I'm not reading the comics anymore
admit it, we all freaked out when we saw this, den we got sad.
Will Anybody Read This??? I recommend Eeveeloutionsquad and Stupid Short Eevee Comic for you guys. I think they are made by the same creator????
Name: Aqua Rainer blue
Eevee number : 14
Any elementary grade
Paragraph has light blue eyes, light brown fur, blue bow on the left ear, a blue raindrop necklace. She hopes to evolve to be a Vaperoen or okay being Glaceon. She likes to make bracelets. Dislikes someone bullying her or anyone else favorite food: sushie, ice cream. Also she usually gets a b
@PokeygirlMana1: your eevee is not on the background eevee list
@Pinkeevee222: oh I thought bc u just put a ramdom number. Okay I'll try to put on the list since I don't know how it works yer
That's it I'm done waiting *Trys to walk out but hits the wall*
I'm done waiting also
@Pinkeevee222 I asked u to continue and I waited I think 5-7 months
@Guest: only 4 months
Help How do I create and give you a backround Eevee I already know what I want it to act and look like
@Pinkeevee222: I’m crying why are you posting here anymore please tell me
Rip Rip Eevee acadmy
Question When is the new pages
where are the pages GIVE US MORE PAGES
I love how it says reboot “soon”.
It’s been like 6 months.
@Theory Maker : just to clarify, I’m not trying to bug Pinkeevee. After all she’s running multiple tumblr blogs, a whole other comic that’s updating smoothly and has the rest of her life to live as well. She’s given the internet so much :D !!
2 things 1 this comic is actually well illustrated and 2 why do I get the feeling that if I post a comment asking what a ssec is I’m just gonna get flooded by comments saying “YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THAT IS?! OMG SMH” or something along those lines
no flood @This is...: it stands for the other comic "stupid short eevee comic"
@This is...: You should read it.
Will do thanks for the suggestion
@YOU BETTER ANSWER: Dude what is wrong with you? PinkEevee222 does a lot for us already, and is active in a bajillion other things. Don’t curse in the comment section, it’s supposed to be kid-friendly. Your comment was not only insulting but probably put a lot of unnessacary pressure on her.
@Anonymous Avacado: uh this was for the comment underneath ^_^’’ sorry you’re awesome! Don’t let ppl cuss and stuff
@Theory Maker: Judging by what he said I’m pretty sure it was directed towards the author, the one below it is also fairly rude
Does patience even exist in this comment section?
@Anonymous Avacado: apparently not *cries*. Well Avocado it’s just u and me against a world of disrespectful peeps
C'mon pinkeevee222!!! Show us the new pages I think it's been long enough for people being so impatient
Name:Corkel current real. Eevee number: 64. grade: 3rd. gender:male. He has brown fur and purple eyes and a purple scarf, and has a crush on aqua Rainer blue. Eve uses Corkel as a shield just in case there's a school water balloon fight. -WHERE'S THE NEW PAGES!?!?
Honestly I can wait for 1 year because that’s how long it’s been taking to make an new episode for a series I’m watching. Also don’t rush anyone otherwise they make silly mistakes that they don’t realize until it’s too late so just take your time and do your best . Even if people spam “WHERES THE NEXT PAGE” or something along those lines in the comments.
@This is...: >w> One year? EA will maybe come back in 2 or 3. Depends on when I finish planning everything out.
Kimba Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
Well at least we got an estimate also when I said a year it was only an estimate if you actually know how long it’s been since the last time the episode of the series I’m interested in came out then the name is GlitchTale by Camila Cueves (Yes I watch the series don’t judge)
Also how the heck am I supposed to check out the other comic because idk how to navigate this and I probably sound like a 80 year rn. Plz help (>~<)
@This is... WOW! Didn't know you can wait 4 a year this is... Also...
@YOU BETTER AWNSER I'm on your team
@Foxandfalco: Go complain to somebody else, your being a jerk.
@Anonymous Avacado but this has taken for at least two years! I can't take it! is anyone gonna chat here beacause nobody has yet so is anyone gonna chat here or...
I really only comment here when something new pops up and it’s somewhat interesting :|
Yea and nothing has popped up yet anyone gonna chat here or...
Guys it’s just been 4 months since it updated
Plus pinkeevee posted in tumblr the comic just search (I think)
Hey pinkeevee222 listen to me
Hey pinkeevee222 listen to me
Hey pinkeevee222 listen to me
Hey pinkeevee222 listen to me
Hey pinkeevee222 listen to me
Hey pinkeevee222 listen to me
Hey pinkeevee222 listen to me
Hey pinkeevee222 listen to me
Hey pinkeevee222 listen to me
Hey pinkeevee222 listen to me
Hey pinkeevee222 listen to me
Hey pinkeevee222 listen to me
Hey pinkeevee222 listen to me
Hey pinkeevee222 listen to me
Hey pinkeevee222 listen to me
Hey pinkeevee222 listen to me
I SHOULD STOP I should probably stop that
Hey pinkeevee222 can I be a co-author for you and help you with your comics? And how about I can try to do eevee academy and you can still do ssec! :)
1. If that were to happen then we can just complain to you when the next comic isn’t out yet because people don’t want to wait more than a month for this
2. (I’m gonna assume gender here so please don’t spam “DiD yOu AsSuMe GeNdEr?!”) she would have to really trust someone if they wanted to be a co-author
3. You’d literally have to be able to draw everything exactly the same way Pinkeevee222 would (btw great art style just gonna put that out there )
Thought:It's been six years
Reality: It's been six months
@YOU BETTER AWNSER: whoa whoa chill man... just chill. Put it this way there might me no more
Ok Everyone! Welcome to the F*****G Talent Show where people get so impaitent ON THIS COMIC! (CRASH) Someone From the crowd: BOO!
you are dumb pinkeevee222 Hey look, another comment that belongs to a bi***! Maybe you should just leave, 5 year old. Don’t insult this hard working person.
hey everyone! a new comic is starting to upload pages! thats nice!
Wow guests are getting cranky
He's Right!
Why does SSEC get all the attention?
Pay back for all she’s done for us? @YOU BETTER AWNSER: so like... with money? Considering she’s created over 200 pages of comic on ssec, committed 5 years of her life to her comic, runs multiple blogs and animates ALL while having her own life!

So money or at least a compliment stating why you like this series and show your respect to her! She’s an amazing person and if you really wanna pay back her...

Donate to her patreon.
we are with you!
vive la r'evolution!* *french for fight for the power baby!
@Pinkeevee222 we demand a new page!!!
@YOU BETTER AWNSER: Like she’ll listen to a jerk like you
@YOU BETTER AWNSER: ever heard of “demanding is rude and inconsiderate and you aren’t entitled to free material anyway kid”
when? when will you post?
@Pinkeevee222 plez post
Me: welp the riot has already started *sets up chair and popcorn*
Rando: HEY are you with us or not!
Me: hm? Oh no I’m on neither side but I’m just here to watch how this will all go down
Rando: what?
Me: I’m not on either side so I’m just gonna watch you people do whatever
Rando: ok then? Anyway CHAAAAAAARRRRGGEEE!!!
Me: *eats popcorn while wearing *
@This is...: Wait wat
@This is...: imma just gonna watch guests vs smackjeeves
Ok, Thats it. im done waiting! *Walks out of door but hits the wall.*
@JEFFY 123: Please do NOT cuss
@Fucking mad: What a threat! Oh no! She’ll have to go hide! Like you know where she lives dumbo
Not what I expected out of the comment section but close enough *continues to eat popcorn *
@This is...: Hey i wanna Join you! *Sets up chair, wears sunglasses, gets popcorn and soda, and eats and drinks popcorn and soda*
*says with popcorn in mouth* Im still on the people who get inpaitent side but a view of the fight would be nice.
Also how does everyone have like a shiny eevee with sunglasses as their picture. Is it a member thing or am I just being dum (~)
@This is...: hmm...yea ur dumb* *hopefully doesnt hurt ur feeling
@This is...: Btw if you look into the charecters section, you see that r.j. jackson has a bad word in his 1st name and why?
@This is...: it’s the anon picture
@Foxandfalco then how do I get that picture then?
@This is...: What do you mean by "how do i get that picture"
@This is...: uh u there?
I think no one is gonna chat here anymore because there hasn’t been a new page yet
@Foxandfalco So you know how my picture is a ditto eevee. How do I get my picture to become the same as yours
@This is...: 1. your picture actully looks like a solid sand thingy. and 2. to get that picture you need to b a guest
@Pinkeevee222 when i was on my account is my eevee i posted weeks ago on teh background list?
There’s nothing but spam and Impatient ppl here so I’m going to be here and appreciate the good stuff Pinkeevee’s done! Her new art style looks really cool and I’m excited for what she has in store if she ever comes back to this (I’d understand if she doesn’t because this comment section doesn’t deserve her effort).
The crossover of this comic was really cool and Pinkeevee should be really proud she’s so creative
It’s great to take a break and some of us will wait extremely patiently and it’s ok if this comic ends. It was really funny and cool either way!
@Pinkeevee222 so how do I get an official background Eevee because I don’t know how
(Also just trying to change the subject about people being impatient [•_•])
@This is...:
1) log off your smackjeeves account
2) comment on here as a guest

That’s it. The icon isn’t a membership thing, it’s just a place holder for anons who don’t have an account
No i mean for the story thing where she Pinkeevee said something about adding your character in or something like that
Hey Pinkeevee... Seriously, when are you rebooting? I saw in the comments of SSEC that someone has to pay you, but why can't you just do it? :,) please.
Boi I’m waiting for new pages and they aren’t coming up

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